Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day Project for your Sweetie!

Hello All!

We are getting close to Valentines Day. Just a few more days. Do you know what you are doing for your sweetheart? Here's what I made for my husband. Hope this gets your creative juices flowing! I will try to post more stuff tonight. I have "wifely" duties to attend to!

A Six Pack of Sweet Treats

I took a six pack of IBC rootbeer and spray painted the box a deep chocolate (inside and out). I had the pleasure of enjoying each of the bottles of rootbeer. Once the bottles were washed and dried, I filled each with a different kind of candy or nuts.

I decorated the box with stuff I found from Michael's and the same with the bottles. On the top of each bottle I attached a little card that had a saying on it pertaining to what I put inside the bottle. For example: I filled one bottle with Hot Tamales, so the card said "You are my Hot Tamale Baby!" The caps of the bottles pop right back on since they are twist off.

Share with me what you did for your spouse/boyfriend/significant other! Can't wait to hear all about your holiday!

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